Chemical Quality

ESTS has long been established as a manufacturer of fine chemicals for analytical measurement such as Guaranteed Reagents and specialty compounds for laboratories.We believe that identifying the products you require for your research is our business. It is our endeavor to bring the highest level of purity in all the products. In our range we have Laboratory chemicals, Indicators, stains, Clinical Reagents, Analytical Reagents, Stains, Bio-chemicals & HPLC solvents.

Glassware Product

Whatever your lab function or application – research, quality control and clinical – glassware are a major component of your work. Volumetric instruments with the highest degree of technical perfection made of glasses which are highly resistant to chemicals and used for precision measurements are also manufactured here.

A comprehensive range of glass apparatus, which has been carefully put forth to enable the highest number of applications normally performed in the laboratory. Each item has been designed to have an extensive usage as possible and to be readily available for different applications. A good quality range of thermometers for use in the laboratory / classrooms which are in regular use within some of the most highly regarded healthcare, scientific and educational institutions in the world are also brought to you along with equipments which meet world standards in accuracy, ergonomic design and reliability are brought to you by ESTS.

The main glassware products are:

Beakers, Conical flasks, Volumetric flasks, Volumetric Pipettes, Test Tubes, Cylinders, Thermometer, ASTM Thermometer, Hydrometer, Cooler, Cuvettes, Distilling Apparatus, Measuring glasses, Pipettes etc.

Plasticware Product

Precision & accuracy with value for money..!!

Precision and value are the main things to note while buying laboratory and scientific equipment! ESTS plastic products excellence comes from strict quality standards and quality systems employed in accordance with international standards. Beaker Cups, Beakers, Bottles, Burretes, Carboys, Desiccators, Flasks, Petri Dishes, Pipettes, Stirring Rods, Test Tubes, Pipettes and Tips, Racks, Stopcocks, Trays, Funnels, Jars, Containers, Cylinders etc.

Plastic ware for dosing, Titrating and Pipetting operations with variable dispensing rate allow titrations to be performed very fast or very slow, using very small volume increments. The pipetting equipment available as an option allows this work to be performed rationally with volumes. Volume measurement with accurate precision is done with our equipments. General lab supplies for saving & storing chemicals and solutions are also manufactured and distributed here.

lnstruments Product

Today’s laboratories are set with instrumentation for performing many analytical and research techniques, from simple apparatus to complex equipment run by central service facilities. With the large range of instruments available most of our educational and scientific laboratories are becoming increasingly dependant on instrumentation for sensitivity, speed and reproducibility. 

  • PH/ORP/ISE/TEMP/TDS/EC Testerds & Meters
  • Titration Systems
  • Process instrumentation & Mini Panel Controllers
  • Dosing Pumps
  • Digital Refractometers
  • Multiparameter
  • Water baths
  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Centrifuge Machines
  • Dru Bath - heating & Cooling
  • Deep Freezer
  • Heating Mantle
  • Shaking Incubator
  • Vortex Mixer
  • Ultra Low Temperature Meter
  • Autoclave
  • Mechanical & Vaccum Owen
  • Digital Balance


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